Linda Gilmore PhD

12 June 1951

An international project about women’s lives

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Birthday Buddies - Research by Linda Gilmore QUT

26 June 2018, F magazine

Preview imageQUT developmental psychology Professor Linda Gilmore was born on the 12 June, 1951. If you are a woman who was born on the same date, Linda would like to hear from you

Researcher hunts for women born on same day

19 June 2018, The Senior

Preview imageDr Linda Gilmore from Queensland's University of Technology has spent the last 10 years tracking down women who...

150 women worldwide born on same day as researcher join study into attitudes on ageing

14 June 2018, ABC News

Preview imageBrisbane psychologist Linda Gilmore is discovering how the lives of women born on the same day as her differ because of opportunities and life experiences.

The global search for 12 June "sisters"

12 June 2018, ABC Radio Brisbane

Preview imageWhat's in a birth date? Brisbane researcher searches world to write a book on women who share her birthday.