Linda Gilmore PhD

12 June 1951

An international project about women’s lives

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Project Updates

I have now located over 160 women in various countries of the world who were born on 12 June 1951. The search so far has been exciting and challenging!

Most of the women live in developed countries including the USA, Canada, South Africa, Iceland, Poland, France, Argentina, Singapore, Russia and England. Finding women in less developed countries is very difficult but I am making progress.

Most of the women have responded to a preliminary questionnaire telling me a bit about themselves and rating their satisfaction with life. In 2016, I distributed the Attitudes to Ageing questionnaire and I will continue to collect responses to this survey in the coming years. I am currently following up with everyone to find out how satisfied they are feeling with life at the moment. The 2018 questionnaire also contains questions about personality characteristics and the meaning of life.

Some years ago, I established a closed Facebook group, and now over 50 of the women are enjoying getting to know each other that way. Some of the women have also met in person. Small groups have met in England, Canada, Norway, Switzerland and the USA. Larger group gatherings have been held in Italy (2015), the Netherlands (2017) and Spain (2017).

In October 2017, I presented a paper about the research project at an Australian Psychological Society conference in Brisbane.